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Setting Up a Home Office

Setting up a home workstation and not sure where to start? These expert home office ideas will set you up for success.
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A New, Budget-Friendly Standing Desk Contender

Introducing the new Apollo Lite standing desk, a budget-friendly and versatile option for anyone who’s...
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Three Reasons Standing Desks Make for the Best Corporate Office Furniture

Standing desks saw a significant boost in popularity over lockdown as people used them to...
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Three Ways to Improve Productivity When Working From Home

We explore how three simple tricks can boost your output when working from home.
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What Are The Benefits of a Standing Desk?

Standing desks aren't a fad - here are the tangible benefits they can add to your working day.
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How Switching to an Electric Standing Desk Affects Your Working Day

Working ‘harder’ isn’t the only way to increase your output. Likewise, less time at your...
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