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Millions of Britons are office workers, but sitting at a desk all day isn't natural for humans, and can lead to a host of problems for health, posture, and general productivity. Standing desks can help you to avoid these issues, but then again, you don't want to be on your feet at your desk all day either. Adjustable sit stand desks are a happy middle-ground, and we've taken the time to outline some of our key products so you can better pick what is right for you.

Are Standing Desks Any Good?

A standing desk is like any other product - some are better than others and you definitely get what you pay for. At Ergo Desks, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of solutions to suit all needs, tastes, and budgets. However, everything we offer boasts a fluid motion so that they transition between positions like a yo-yo for an unrivalled experience.

In terms of what they can offer you, standing desks help you to stay mobile and active throughout the day. Not only does this have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing by promoting movement and circulation, but it can also help with your productivity by removing the temptation to slouch and keeping you focused!

How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk Each Day?

Although sitting at a desk all day can have a number of implications for your health, such as circulation problems and general lethargy, standing all day is equally impractical, becomes tiring, and will have diminishing returns. That's where adjustable desks come in - you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

In short, there's no black and white answer as to how much you should be standing throughout the day - some research suggests as little as 15 minutes every hour, other research has been as high as half an hour. The best thing to do is to give it a go and find out what works for you!

How Much Does a Standing Desk Cost?

Standing desks vary greatly in cost depending on what product you decide to go for, and we have a lot of choices to pick from. Not only can size affect prices, but also whether or not you want to go for electric adjustment or manual.

However, P&P to the UK mainland is always free through our reliable delivery partners (Ireland is an additional £40 while other islands are £85).

Liberty Electric Standing Desk

The Liberty Electric Desk is an affordable and versatile option for any workplace or home office. Not the cheapest nor the most expensive option, the Liberty boasts all of the key benefits of adjustable standing desks with a wide range of movement. However, its sturdy build quality and steel frame mean that you won't have to deal with wobbling, even at its maximum height.

This electric desk comes with 4-button memory controller as standard meaning multiple people can set their ideal sit and stand height. Combined with the fact that the Liberty can support up to 80kg has led to it being our best selling desk across 5+ years.

FROM ONLY £435.00 + VAT
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Liberty Desk Ergo Desk
Solo Manual Desk

Solo Manual Desk

The Solo Manual Desk is a non-electric option, but don't worry - although you might be having images of wrestling with a complicated series of latches and moving parts, the crank mechanism has a very smooth action and couldn't be easier to use. Just turn the crank to easily adjust the height of the desk to a level comfortable for sitting, standing, or anything in-between!

Again, a wide range of colours for the desktop finish and frame mean that this Scandinavian-designed piece of office furniture will fit perfectly into any working or home office environment.It offers a great height range between 710 and 1210mm but doesn't require any power making it suitable for any kind of working environment.

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Autonomy Pro Electric Crescent Desk

If you want the benefits of a sit-stand desk but require a bit more real-estate than our standard rectangle desks provide, then the Autonomy Pro might be for you. This product has one of the greatest height ranges on the market and is able to go between 64cm and 130cm at the touch of a button.

Despite this incredible range, its smooth motor system and sturdy frame mean that everything on top (also 130kg that it supports) will stay exactly where it is when its moving - so you won't need to go chasing your mouse and keyboard every time you transition from one position to another!

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Autonomy Pro Electric Crescent Desk
Atlas Corner Desk

Atlas Corner Standing Desk

Another great option for those requiring more desk space to work with and prefer the L-shape instead - the Atlas Corner desks belongs to our best-selling Atlas range. Our Atlas desks have a huge range of top colours and frames which can be selected from to fit any kind of office setup.

This desk will evenly lift up to 160kg at a rate of 3cm per second in a fluid motion using its triple motor system. The three-part leg also gives it extended range to extend from 625-1285mm. The Swedish design and manufacturing combined with our 7 year warranty is what has led to this being one of our most reliable desks.

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Autonomy Pro Rise Electric Desk

This product is unrivalled when it comes to versatility. Its small size and powerful single legged height adjustable frame mean it can fit into just about any space without getting in the way. It would be just as ready for use as a desk in a busy and dynamic office floor as it would be as an adjustable presentation table in an educational environment.

The customisable nature of this product is part of its appeal for many of our customers. Available in three different shapes (rectangle, kidney, and round) as well as a range of sizes and colours, it can either be ordered for pure functionality or to complement a room with elegance.

FROM ONLY £380.00 + VAT
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Autonomy Pro Rise Electric Desk
Crown Electric Desk

Crown Standing Desk

When it comes to adjustable desks, they don't come much better than the Crown standing desk. This impressive bit of equipment is powered by two Scandinavian motors, and can be raised and lowered between 680mm–1170mm at an impressive pace of 4cm per second while supporting up to an incredible 120kg.

Whether this is a desk for one worker who needs the extra space, or a communal table for meetings in a cooperative workplace, this truly is royalty amongst office furniture. The unique style of the four legs as opposed to the typical two gives more under desk space and sure to present an executive look wherever it is placed.

FROM ONLY £1,165.00 + VAT
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