Standing Desk FAQs

Here you'll find a selection of our commonly asked questions about Ergo Desks and our range of standing desksIf you still have any questions, please contact us using the form or by emailing


What are standing desks?

Standing desks are height adjustable desks that can be used in a seated or standing position, allowing the user to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Standing desks have been about for centuries, and have been used by many historical figures such as Charles Dickens. There are Manual and Electric height adjustable desks, and at Ergo Desks we specialise in Electric Standing Desks which are an ergonomic innovation looking to replace the static workplace.


What are the benefits of standing desks?

Benefits of standing desks include an improved posture and heightened productivity levels throughout the day. As many jobs are focused on sitting at a desk primarily for long periods at a time, sedentary lifestyles have become a lot more proponent. Multiple studies have linked many of today’s major health issues to a lack of physical activity in every day lives, while spending even just part of your day working at your desk standing up can improve posture and assist in burning a surprising number of calories.

View our health benefits page for more information.


How do standing desks work?

Standing desks provide the user with the opportunity to switch between a seated and standing position while working. A standing desks' height can be simply adjusted for a more personalised and comfortable work environment. Manual Standing Desk height is adjusted with an easy rotational crank, and Electric Standing Desk height is adjusted with just the touch of a button, raising it to your desired height. We specialise in standing desks which can be adjusted dynamically without having to spend a lot of effort re-configuring them.

View our how do they work page for more information.


How much is Shipping?

Shipping is free within Mainland UK.

Shipping to Northern Ireland is an additional £90 + VAT / order, while larger pallet orders may be subject to additional fees.

Shipping to UK islands (Orkney, Isle of Man, etc), Ireland and Mainland Europe is priced upon request depending on external courier charges.

Please select the correct delivery type or we will be unable to process the order. For other destinations please contact us directly for a quote.

Please note that we will attempt to contact you upon delivery, if the customer is unreachable at the time, resulting in a failed delivery, a re-delivery charge of £45 may be applied.


How long do deliveries take to arrive?

Delivery times vary depending on the desk.

Please view the "Delivery and Returns" tab within the specific product information page for additional information.  


Can the desks be assembled at home?

Yes! All our desks can be assembled at home without the need for special tools, however the assistance of an additional person would be recommended to make things easier!


Do you have Corporate deals? 

Yes we offer bespoke corporate deals. Please email us at for any corporate enquiries or bulk purchases and we can come up with a specialised solution customised to your needs, starting from drawing up floor plans to the final assembly!


What is your return policy?

The return policy can be found within the "Delivery and Returns" tab for each product.


Do you charge VAT?

Yes. Both the VAT and Non-VAT price is listed for all items. Please contact us if you would like a VAT receipt. VAT Registration Number: 289 959 410 - Ergo Desks is a trading name of Syithon Limited.