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Are you considering taking the step towards active working with standing desks and ergonomic accessories, or improving employee wellbeing with standing desks for home-working?

Each business has different requirements, our expert team is ready to find your perfect office desk solution with tailored options, bulk discounts, assembly and removal.


Benefits of an Ergonomic Office

How do Standing Desks work?


Standing desks are designed to provide the user an opportunity to easily change position between sitting and standing while working. While there are desks which can be adjusted at standing height or an optimal seated height, these desks are fixed and do not allow swift transition and movement between the two.

Our electric desks can do this at a touch of a button, while also coming with memory units that allow users to save their optimal seated and standing positions (or anywhere in between!). This is especially useful for shared working areas or hybrid working, where desking is reduced and employees use the same desks throughout the week.


How do Standing Desks benefit my health?


The main purpose of standing desks is to counteract the sedentary lifestyle, endemic to modern office working due to the extended hours spent sitting in front of a computer, usually in poor posture.

Choosing to change your position from sitting to standing on a regular basis, we recommend starting with standing for 15 minutes every hour and building your way up, and read the following benefits:

  1. Increased metabolism and calorie burn
  2. Reduced risk of obesity and heart disease
  3. Increased weight loss
  4. Reduced Back and Muscle Pain


Aside from the obvious health benefits, there are also additional positives to setting up your office with standing desks. Employee focus, productivity and collaboration, and as a result morale and wellbeing are proven benefits of standing desks. This is because discomfort in the form of back and muscle pain is reduced, allowing us to focus on our task at hand, while we are naturally more likely to move about and interact with colleagues if we are already standing!

We also offer a range of ergonomic accessories to optimise the active working experience. From ergonomic office chairs supporting your back for the ideal posture while you are sitting, to items like the desk mat relieving pressure off your spine while standing, or monitor arms to set your screens at the correct height.

Shared and Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is a very new model, popularised in the post covid environment and preferred by a majority of today’s employees. In practice it is simple, employees are allowed to choose what percent of the week they prefer to work from home or the office, setting up a rota in the workplace.

The Employers benefit, aside from improved employee happiness and wellbeing can be reduced requirement for desking and office space, as the office will never be 100% utilised. This is where standing desks are highly recommended, as a perfect tool for shared working, employees can each adjust the desk they use for their preferred heights, without requiring a specific desk for each employee. Many of our partners, new to standing desks, have opted for them for this specific reason, one desk which can cater to multiple users.

What Ergo Desks can do for you...


At Ergo Desks we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality standing desks at competitive prices, with thousands of units sold since our incorporation in 2017. All of our adjustable standing desks come with:


7 Year warranty

30 Day Risk Free Returns

Free Mainland UK Delivery

Dedicated customer service team with pre and post sales care


In Addition, we offer the following to our corporate customers and partners:


Rapid Delivery

Removal and Assembly Services

Bulk Discounts

Product Demonstrations

Top Samples

Free Space Planning and Design

Save more on your office upgrade through the “Super-Deduction”

Due to the financial implications of the pandemic, the UK government has brought out the “Super-Deduction” tax relief plan, allowing for companies to claim for 130% tax relief on office equipment such as standing desks and ergonomic chairs. What this means is nearly 25% of any purchase of a Standing desk or office chair from Ergo Desks is covered by the government, high quality products at an even more affordable price.  

Calculation - Spend £10,000 on Standing desks, Claim deduction of £13,000 (130%) from your profits, Save an additional £2,470 pounds in Corporation tax (19% of your profits)

The Relief expires in April 2023, so now is the perfect time to start considering your office upgrade if you are looking to take advantage of this option.

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We can also provide further information and references on our existing partners ranging from private companies, schools, NHS, and many others, both in the UK and abroad.

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