Standing Corner Desks

For those who require a little extra space for their monitors, laptop, additional electronics or documents, we recommend our range of Height Adjustable Corner Desks

Powerful frames holding 3 motors, capable of carrying even the most demanding workspaces.

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Atlas Standing Corner Desk
£1,146.00 (Ex VAT: £955.00)
  • Powerful Triple Motor (160kg lift capacity)
  • Compact 3 Tier Swedish 3 Leg Frame
  • Large Work Surface for Dynamic Working
  • oak crescent shaped standing desk with white legs
    Autonomy Pro Crescent Standing Desk
    £1,110.00 (Ex VAT: £925.00)
  • Stable Triple Motor (130kg lift capacity)
  • Elegant Single Unit Curved Top
  • Extensive Height Range (63-130cm)
  • Hades Standing Corner Desk *FLASH DEAL*
    £952.80 (Ex VAT: £794.00)
  • Powerful Triple Motor (160kg lift capacity)
  • Premium Rustic Appearance
  • Durable 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Atlas Chrome Standing Corner Desk
    £1,464.00 (Ex VAT: £1,220.00)
  • Powerful Triple Motor (160kg lift capacity)
  • Premium Chrome Appearance
  • Durable 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Atlas Bluetooth® Standing Corner Desk
    £1,194.00 (Ex VAT: £995.00)
  • Powerful Triple Motor (160kg lift capacity)
  • Compact 3 Tier Swedish 3 Leg Frame
  • Large Work Surface for Dynamic Working
  • What is a corner desk?

    Corner desks allow you to efficiently use your workplace in tight spaces, setting up specific areas for your documents, monitors or any appliances you may require. A highly stable three legged frame is attached to an L-shaped or crescent top, which can be set up for both left or right handed configurations and gives the user a near 180° workspace.


    Our top rated standing corner desks offer just this but with the added benefit of creating a healthier and more active workplace at a competitive price. We would highly recommend these options if you require a little more room to work with, and are concerned by; back pain, blood pressure, mood, reduced focus and any other risk of a Sedentary work environment.

    Better Use of Space

    Our two favourite uses for corner desks are, using it (surprisingly!) as a desk to seamlessly fit into the corner of your room or office to have a greater work surface. Alternatively, setting it up facing outwards as an executive workplace in the office, with plenty of room to hold meetings and creating the ideal active corner office.


    Not only are they space efficient, corner desks are also much more cost efficient, serving the same purpose as two separate desks in one solid unit.

    Improve Productivity

    A larger work area naturally pushes you towards better organisation and oversight of your workplace. Corner desks are perfect for users who have a lot going on with their work, multiple screens, designs which need to be spread out or a combination of electronics and documents that need to be kept separate. Having a large work surface will prevent you from fumbling around looking for what you actually need and keep you focused on your task at hand, getting things done quicker!

    Paired with the benefits of active working, as opposed to a risky sedentary lifestyle, the standing corner desk is perfect for a busy home set up or office.


    Take your office to the next level with a standing corner desk

    Begin your journey towards a healthier work life with our high quality standing corner desks. If you are someone who struggles with organising your surface, shifting documents trying to find what you are looking for, or have a requirement for multiple screens and devices while wanting to easily switch between working standing and sitting at your desk, these are the perfect solutions. We even offer a range of premium corner desk finishes for a more executive look.

    The powerful triple motor frames can lift from 130 Kg - 160 Kg, easily capable of dealing with all office requirements. We are so confident in the quality of these products that we offer a 7 year warranty on all corner desks. .

    Our promise is to offer you the best quality standing corner desks on the UK market today, which are still reachable at a competitive price, while providing you with first class customer service from pre purchase to years after delivery.

    Please contact us at info@ergodesks.co.uk or 020 8064 0064 if you have any bulk or custom requirements, we are here to help!