Specialists in Standing Desks

Established in 2017, Ergo Desks specialises in standing desks designed for active working, giving our customers the choice to dynamically switch between working in a seated or standing position. Even though standing desks have been hugely popular in other parts of Europe since the early 90s, it is still a relatively new phenomenon in the UK.

ergo desks standing desks

ergo desks standing desks

Focused on Affordability

We were founded with the purpose of creating a one-stop-shop for standing desks and strive to offer a wide array of products suitable for both home and office use, with an explicit focus on affordability while not compromising on quality. Ergo Desks offers competitive prices and an incredible 7 year warranty for all our desks.

Always Moving Forward

Specialising in IT, our founder Dom spent the majority of his day working at his desk, which was a sharp contradiction to his very dynamic lifestyle outside of work that involves sports, hiking and rock climbing among other activities. A shift to a more active work environment with height adjustable desks was almost inevitable. As he discovered the many advantages of a standing desk, his next idea was to allow more people access to it through affordable, yet high quality desks, and thus created Ergo Desks.

Our company is always on the lookout for new products to offer our customers the best chance of finding a desk that not only provides various health benefits but one that is also stylish and fits into any home or working environment.