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Three Different Scenarios, Three Different Desks

Choice is good. But with a wide range of desks available to cater for all needs and requirements, you might find yourself overwhelmed and worrying whether you have made the right decision!

Our team is always on-hand to answer your questions about our standing desks, but in this blog, we will look at three different situations and suggest one of our products that might best fit your needs.

Home Working

In a domestic setting, we don’t always have the same space available that we might in a large corporate office space. As a result, many of our customers reached out to us, stating that while they were interested in joining the standing desk revolution, they just didn’t have space – especially in smaller inner-city flats.

As a result, we introduced the Atlas Mini. Inspired by one of our most popular jack of all trades desks, the Atlas, this miniature version offers the same great functionality but with smaller dimensions. As a result, the Mini is the ideal adjustable electric standing desk for slotting into the corner of a living room or in a smaller home office.

Available in a range of colours from black, grey, and white to natural wood tones, the top of this desk measures in at just 1000mm x 600mm. Click here to shop the Atlas Mini.

Crowded Offices

Space can come at a premium in bustling corporate settings with a huge team all working in close proximity. It is very easy to run out of space, and as the associated technology of office work starts to build up, it’s easy for cable management to take a back seat creating a real mess.

The Duo Electric is a fantastic option for this very situation. This model comprises a single frame supporting two desks, each of which can be controlled independently by its user. Moreover, with clever cable management solutions, it will keep your office space tidy, stylish, and safe.

The Duo Electric adjustable standing desk comes in a range of colours and with optional screens depending on whether you want to prioritise individual focus or collaborative working. Click here to shop the Duo Electric.

Crammed Desk Tops

For the majority of people working in an office environment, regularly sized desks are perfectly adequate. Most people have their computer and perhaps some files. For others, though, regular desks are frustratingly small and only serve to frustrate your working day. That is where the Autonomy Pro Electric Crescent Desk comes in.

If you are a receptionist with countless files and forms, printers, and a telephone, an architect who needs adequate space for drawing, or a designer with tablets, drawing pads, and streams of printed works for analysis, this crescent desk provides a hugely extended workspace for all of your separate tasks and storage needs.

Although you’ll undoubtedly encounter frustrations in your working day, at least you know it won’t be a result of your desk! Available in a width of 140cm, 160cm, or 180cm and in a range of colours for any environment. Shop the Autonomy Pro Crescent Desk today.

Get in Touch

In this blog, we have described just three of our products which barely scratches the surface of our entire range. Shop all the products we have to offer, and feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about any of our desks.