Christmas Gift Guide for Home Workers

Are you struggling to think of a Christmas gift for that special someone in your life? With many people still working from home, perhaps permanently, office furniture and accessories have become a more popular gift idea than ever before – and for good reason.

This blog will look at three options from Ergo Desks that will make perfect gifts for people working from home who still don’t have the ideal domestic working setup.

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Small and Effective Home Working Desk

atlas mini standing desk

The Atlas Mini standing desk is the perfect choice for those who want an affordable and modestly sized desk option with full adjustable electric functionality. This mini version of one of our most popular desks allows you to switch between sitting and standing at will while nestling nicely into any corner of your home.

Although it might not have space for every piece of office equipment you could want within arm’s reach, the Atlas Mini has plenty of room for a laptop, documents, and of course, that vital cup of coffee.

On top of that, you can fully customise the frame colour and worktop material to blend seamlessly into any home. If the home worker in your life needs a new desk, but space is limited, the Atlas Mini is the perfect option.

Comfortable and Productive Ergonomic Chair

Sculpture ER10 Executive Ergonomic Mesh office Chair

Not all chairs are created equal, and a poor seating position is one of the most common hazards of desk-based working. This is because humans didn’t evolve to sit all day and tend to slouch. The right chair will help keep your spine correctly aligned, reducing back pain and improving posture.

At Ergo Desks, we offer a wide range of office chairs that vary in style, size, and price point. However, they all have one thing in common; boosting productivity and spine health by promoting an appropriate seating position.

While standing up helps drastically, you still need to consider posture during your seated spells. Browse our range of chairs here. 

Organisational and Stylish Desk Mat

leather desk mat

A tidy and organised desk is a productive desk, but we are all guilty of letting things get out of hand. How often, especially during particularly busy days, do you find yourself struggling to find the pen you just put down, or running out of space to move your mouse around?

What is the solution? A desk mat provides a stylish and practical way to keep your desk organised. Our desk mats provide a stationery rest to keep pens and so on organised, a magnetic cable holder to keep cables out of your workspace, and a convenient document hideaway to keep notes and documents close-by but out of sight.

Browse our environmentally friendly vegan leather desk mats, available in two colours and two sizes, here. 

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