Three Ways to Improve Productivity When Working From Home

We can’t speak for everyone, but it isn’t unusual to find that your productivity drops off a little bit when you are working from home. There are many more temptations and distractions to draw you away from work at your home office, and staying focused can be a bit more of a challenge.

In this blog, we’ll outline three ways to adjust your home office set-up to help you stay committed to the task at hand while you’re working from home. All of our tips work just as well in an office setting too.

1. Have a Dedicated Workspace

The first thing to offset the chance of associating your home with relaxation is to create a dedicated workspace. This means creating a home-office set-up that's a little more permanent than sliding a table over to your couch, or even worse, using a laptop in bed!

Create a specific space that is designated for work. Whether this means setting up your computer at the dining table, or rearranging a guest room to become your home office with a suitable desk and chair, you need to have a location that becomes more associated with work than play.

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It’s also worth noting that spending too much time taking breaks on your couch in front of the TV, or napping in bed, can make it difficult to switch off and relax when you do finish your shift. So make sure to set up a proper home office space and use it!

standing desk and chair at home

2. Plan Your Work Strategically

Most people who work office jobs know that some parts of the day are more productive than others. Some people may find that they get more done in the morning than the afternoon, others might find they struggle to really get going until after lunch.

One solution to offset this variation in productivity is to arrange your workload strategically. If you get significantly more work completed in the morning, then arrange all of your densest and most essential work for the morning hours to ensure you get through as much as possible.

If the afternoons are a bit of a struggle for you in terms of workload, leave all of your less intensive work until then. Replying to emails, arranging calls/meetings, and various administrative or planning tasks might be better suited for then.

Meetings and catch-ups are particularly suitable for the less productive hours as your colleague or associate can help you to stay focused on the task-at-hand!

However, instead of embracing these low productivity hours, there might be a way to counteract them altogether, and get yourself into a flexible working habit.

3. Boost Productivity with a Sit-Stand Desk

Whether you find the morning or afternoon as a difficult time to really stay focused, you might be surprised to hear there is a solution. Our mood and behaviour are very closely linked to our physical stance, and switching between sitting and standing at your desk will help to optimise productivity.

Even if you don’t have standing desk, you can try this out. If you tend to slouch back in your chair during the working day, make a concerted effort to remain upright, with your back straight. You’ll find that you feel more awake, focused, and productive.

Standing is even more effective. If you have no trouble working in the morning, sit at your desk and get through as much work as possible. If you often feel the afternoon lull and the need to slouch, just adjust your desk to a standing position and you’ll find it much easier to stay focused.

However, it isn’t just your ability to focus that is improved. In one study, just under 90% of people who switched to a standing desk reported that their energy levels and vigour improved.

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