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How to Organise Cables on Your Desk

If you use a computer and work from a desk, then you’ll know the struggle that comes with clustered wires at the back of your desk and under your feet. They’re unsightly, messy and it’s pretty impossible to tell what each wire is leading to.

Not only can messy cables impact your focus, productivity and stress-levels, they can also be hazardous, especially in shared workspaces or high-traffic areas.

But organising a bundle of cables is much easier and less expensive than you might think. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can organise your desk cables.

1. Assess the Cables

Before you do anything, it’s important to assess the current situation of your desk and identify all the devices, equipment and chargers on your desk that are contributing to cable clutter. 

Are there any idle devices or pieces of equipment that you don’t use often or at all? If there are, it’s worth removing them from your desk to free up as much space and mess as possible. The fewer devices on your desk, the less clutter. 

how to organise cables on your desk
For the devices that you do use, you want to organise their cables in a way that keeps them out of the way of your work, and out of the way of posing any health and safety risks in the office or home space.


This brings us nicely onto the following desk cable management products to help organise cables on your desk…

2. Cable Wraps

One popular solution to cable management is to use cable wraps, which are tools designed to bundle and secure cables together. They come in various forms, including reusable ties and Velcro straps. 

To use a cable wrap, all you need to do is get all of the cables that you want in the same bundle and tie them together via the wrap. By keeping cables bundled together like this, you can reduce the visual clutter on your desk or in your workspace, and prevent them from getting tangled, knotted, or damaged,

For additional organisation, you can get different coloured cable wraps to easily identify the cables, making it simpler to trace and manage specific connections.

3. Cable Spines

Another simple way to bundle cables together on a desk is to use cable spines, also known as cable management spines. These vertical, column-like structures are designed to streamline and organise cables on a desk.


how to organise cables on your deskHaving little to no cables on show contributes to a cleaner and more organised workspace, not to mention they eliminate the tripping hazard of messy cables.

Cable Spine

Get your 1300mm long cable spine from Ergo Desks, designed to lock stray cables in place, resulting in a tidier workspace. The weighted bottom keeps the cable manager rooted to the ground, while the spine itself protects cables from damage and knots. Other key benefits include:

  • Naturally moves with the standing desk
  • Choose from 3 colours (white, silver or black)
  • 7 year warranty
  • 30 day risk free return

4. Docking Stations

Another way to help manage and organise your desk cables is to use docking stations, which provide a centralised connection point for multiple peripherals and devices.

Docking stations typically connect to a computer, laptop, or other devices through a single cable (often USB-C, Thunderbolt, or proprietary connectors). And this connection serves as a hub for various peripherals.

Docking stations are great for streamlining cable management as they consolidate multiple connections into one central hub, significantly reducing cable clutter on the desk.

5. Cable Tray

Cable trays are tools designed to organise and conceal cables that are typically mounted under or along the back of desks, worktables, or other surfaces. 

Cable management trays are super convenient as they provide easy access to cables when needed. Users can route cables through the tray, making it simpler to add or remove cables without the hassle of searching through a tangled mess.

Cable trays also protect cables from wear and tear, especially in environments where there may be movement or sliding of cables against rough surfaces.

Check out some of the quality cable trays we offer here at Ergo Desks:

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Our under desk cable tray is the perfect tool for discreetly housing all of your cables, extension leads and adapters, resulting in a safer and tidier workspace. This tray is suitable for all desk sizes (100cm to 180cm wide), but is specifically designed to mount directly onto the frames of our Atlas, Apollo and Duo ranges. Additional features include:

  • Hassle-free & easy to install
  • Perfect for storing cables and extension leads
  • Choose from 5 colours (white, black, silver, raw steel & anthracite)
  • Versatile - can also be fixed directly to the desktop on other desk desk ranges using the brackets provided

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

This wire cable tray is a fixed 930mm basket designed to work with all desk models and sizes. Fixed directly to the desktop using fixings provided with a partially open front to allow easy access to cable management under the desk. Other key features include:

  • Choose from 3 colours (black, silver, white)
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for storing cables and extension leads
  • Safely route and secure cables

The Benefits of Having a Clear Desk

I think everyone can agree that there’s nothing more distracting than trying to work in a messy environment. In fact, research suggests that having a cluttered environment with too many objects around you can reduce productivity.

how to organise cables on your deskClear desk = clear mind is our motto!


As well as boosting productivity, there are a number of other benefits of having a clear desk:

  • Efficient workflow - A smooth and efficient workflow can only come from an organised workspace. Having everything organised makes it much easier to locate documents, tools, and materials needed for your work, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Professional image - Having a clear office desk also presents a professional and polished image to colleagues, clients, and visitors, which can positively impact how others perceive you.
  • Improved creativity - A clear desk allows for a more open and creative mindset, and provides space for brainstorming and creative thinking without the visual noise of clutter.
  • Optimised space - Without pointless items (like cables) cluttering the surface, you have more usable space on your desk. This allows you to spread out your work, use larger tools or devices, and generally have a more functional area.

And there we have it! Shop our whole range of cable management solutions here and for more information and tips on standing desks and accessories, visit our standing desks blog.

Ps. all cable management accessories come with free UK delivery and a 7 year warranty.