5 Tips on Working from Home: Your Home Office Guide

Whether you are looking into starting a business from your home, have been self employed for a while, or have found yourself working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, here are 5 quick tips to help you become even more efficient and make the most out of your workspace with a standing desk.

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1. Organising your home office space

The first thing you want to do to ensure you are efficiently working from home is setting up a comfortable home office space. Whether a dynamic environment with a standing desk or a static space, it is important that you are comfortable to allow you to focus on your tasks at hand. You will also need to ensure that there are no distractions present, try and tidy as much as possible and only keep your work-relevant items at hand. An organised home office setup will lead to an organised mind. 

      2. Setting work hours - Incorporate your most productive period!

      Flexibility is probably the biggest benefit that you can get by working from home as you are your own boss, and can set your own times and manage your schedule as you please. Unfortunately it can also be a curse as some people require a strict schedule with set hours allocated to doing work in order to not get distracted. Our advice would be to schedule yourself specific work hours for each day, where your only focus is completing your given tasks. Obviously everyone works differently, so if you are a morning person, perhaps you should start your work a bit earlier than normal, while those who prefer a lie in can often work late into the night. Most important thing is to create a healthy schedule that works best for you. 

        3. Take breaks and eat healthy

        Although it is easy to get distracted while working from home, the opposite can also be true. Some people often get so focused on their work due to being completely undisturbed that they forget to take breaks and may even skip meals. While getting in the zone to power through a difficult assignment might initially appear efficient, it can frequently lead to a quick burnout and a massive drop in productivity. It is important to try and take a 5 minute break every hour, and to make sure you are still having 3 square meals and healthy snacks throughout the day to fuel your brain!

          4. Clear task list that incorporates rewards

          Once you have tidied your work space, created a routine involving breaks and meals, it is time to start doing work! We highly recommend creating a task list, incrementally working away at your assignments. Breaking it down from major project level points, to small tasks that you can tick off one by one, really ads a sense of accomplishment. By including small rewards for completing certain difficult tasks you can easily keep yourself motivated. Perhaps a quick walk outside after completing a difficult call, or a short coffee break and a snack to compliment yourself on a job well done. 

            5. Don’t get distracted! 

              Majority of people working from home will be using technology in some shape or form, may that be their computer, I-pad or smartphone. Technology has made working from home a lot more viable for many people due to the ease of communication, and access to information, but the same goes for access to distractions! Self control is important to keep yourself off of social media, unless of course your work requires it, in which case make sure the time spent on facebook, twitter, instagram is actually being productive. Make sure to also keep Netflix, and games outside of your work schedule, creating a clear divide between when you are working and when you are enjoying your free time.

              We would suggest using separate rooms for each activity, if possible try and keep a room, or even an area used solely for work, while the rest of your house is for your leisure, this will help your mind associate you being in each area with what you are meant to be focusing on, improving your productivity! 

              Go dynamic!

              If you haven’t finished setting up your home office yet, we would recommend taking a look at one of our standing desk options here. We offer a wide range of colours and dimensions, and if you have something specific in mind, we are always happy to help!

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