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Three Reasons Standing Desks Make for the Best Corporate Office Furniture

Standing desks saw a significant boost in popularity over lockdown as people used them to improve their home office and keep themselves fit. However, as offices continue to reopen around the country, more and more businesses are choosing standing desks.

In this blog, we explore three key reasons for choosing standing desks for your office. Shop our diverse range of affordable, high quality Standing Desks or check out our Workplace Solutions.

Invest in Staff

Any business owner knows the importance of staff morale. It plays a key role in retaining employees and fostering a happy, productive atmosphere around the workplace. Numerous factors go into making a happy worker, and one that is overlooked is the quality of the office itself.

Naturally, keeping an office clean and bright with lots of plants, natural light and so on is essential to maintaining a happy team. However, making sure that staff feel valued with state of the art equipment which lets them do their job as effectively as possible can also give a massive boost.

In most modern office jobs, one of the most primary tools is the desk itself. People take great pride in their desks and make them their own little part of the office. Giving staff a state of the art standing desk shows they are valued and that you are investing in them and their output.

Boosting Productivity

No matter how hard a worker you employ, we are all human. We all have our moments where concentration lapses. Sometimes, it is not easy to really get our heads down and focus on the task at hand for an extended period. Personally, I always need to watch out for the post-lunch lull!

This doesn’t make an employee lazy. The vast majority of people take various steps to try and keep themselves focused to maintain a productive output. However, employers can help, by giving their staff every tool to help them manage their own working day.

Standing desks have a fantastic effect on productivity in an office environment. We have covered this topic in previous blogs, why not check out how 'encouraging standing in the workplace can give workers a much needed boost'. 

standing desks in office environment

In summary, switching to a standing position can revolutionise the way you work giving you another tool in your arsenal for maintaining concentration.

So over and above investing in your staff to improve morale, you might find the total output of your businesses enjoying a boost through increased productivity.

The Ideal Hot Desk

Lockdown has permanently changed how a lot of offices operate. Employers have realised that letting their staff work from home does not grind everything to a halt as was often assumed, and in fact many companies are moving to a permanent ‘hybrid working’ setup for their employees.

This allows employers to cut costs by moving to a smaller office. As a result, ‘hot desks’ have become incredibly popular. The issue is that not every standing desk is the ideal choice for a hot desk, as employees of differing heights require desks at different measurements.

Not only do some standing desks not adjust at all, meaning you have to be fortunate that they suit whatever height you are, but many only go from one height to the other. At Ergo Desks, however, that isn’t the case.

Our corporate standing desks all move in gradual smooth directions between their lowest and highest height, stopping anywhere in between. Moreover, our 4 Button Memory Controls allow different heights to be pre-set, moving to a precise height with the push of a button.

So, an Ergo adjustable standing desk is a fantastic option for a hot desk where every employee can take full advantage of their benefits, regardless of height and preference.

Get in Touch for Tailored Corporate Office Furniture Packages

At Ergo Desks, we know that every corporate client has their own unique needs and preferences. Your workplace, team size, and budget all differ, and it’s important you get the most cost-effective solution.

Our team will help tailor a corporate package to suit your precise needs with a range of discounts available for bulk purchases. Contact us today with our handy online form, live chat function directly on the site, or email us at info@ergodesks.co.uk

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