Why Quality is Key to a Standing Desk

We’ve all heard the expression “buy cheap, buy twice”. Unfortunately, cheaply built budget adjustable standing desks aren't the bargain you might hope for, whether it barely functions from the start or breaks entirely without a warranty. When it comes to standing desks, quality, reliability, and functionality are vital.

In this blog, we will give three reasons why spending that little bit extra on a desk from a manufacturer you can trust is so vital when choosing your standing desk.

Flawless Function, Every Time

In terms of enjoying all the benefits they provide, perhaps the one key feature of an adjustable standing desk is convenience. The more hassle entailed switching from one position to another, the less likely you are to do it.

After all, one method we recommend for switching between sitting and standing is to change every thirty minutes or so. With cheaper desks, and especially cheap manual desks, it can take minutes to get from one position to the other (not all manual adjustable standing desks are bad though, check out our range!). This isn’t feasible, especially over the course of a working day.

At Ergo, all of our electric adjustable standing desks come with an electric motor. With the touch of a button, our desks will raise or lower to your desired height. The action is so smooth that you’ll be done in seconds and ready to get straight back to work.

When shopping for an adjustable standing desk, don’t go cheap and end up with something you hate using – it isn’t worth it!

Exceptional Build Quality, Backed by Warranty

Even the cheapest products available online are marketed as high quality, precisely engineered goods. However, the cheaper you go, the less likely that is.

Maybe the joints are a ticking timebomb. Perhaps while building it, you realise things don’t quite match up to where they should be. Maybe the motor stutters within a week and fails entirely within the month. Suddenly, what looked like a saving became a total waste.

At Ergo Desks, all of our desks are of the highest possible quality and backed by warranty. Our adjustable standing desks use quite cutting-edge technology to ensure the smoothest possible action, and we provide a 7-year warranty for every single desk we provide.

While if you scour the internet you might find a cheaper option out there, you won’t find one that you can rely on, at minimum, for the best part of a decade.

Beware: Looks Can Be Deceiving

With modern mass-produced furniture, it’s easy to be deceived by something that looks great online but fails to live up to expected standards in reality. Perhaps that wood effect isn’t so realistic, maybe the welding stands out like a sore thumb, or perhaps the metal is scraped and tarnished.

In fact, many sellers online never actually show you the product. It is common practice to show realistic-looking 3D renders or even an entirely different product than the item they are selling is roughly based on.

At Ergo, we only use the highest quality materials not just for sturdiness and reliability but also to ensure striking and attractive aesthetics. Despite offering countless varieties of worktops, desk sizes, and metal frames, each of them is accurately presented on our website and will look great in your home or commercial office.

Get in Touch

Don’t get us wrong; we understand that buying a desk is a significant investment. Well, it should be if you want something with an even surface that you can rely on for years to come! This is especially true for adjustable standing desks, and you will probably have lots of questions about our range.

We have done our best to give as much information as possible across our site, and our team is on-hand Monday to Friday to answer any query you might have. Click here to find our contact details.

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