Top Three Easy to Care For Desk Plants

At Ergo Desks, we are big believers that the right desk environment plays a vital role in productivity. Adjustable standing desks are one fantastic way of improving your office, but indoor plants can also help to boost your mood even in the most stressful working days. However, since not all of us are green thumbed, it’s important to know which ones you aren’t likely to kill!

Here are our top three easy to care for desk plants.


Cacti are hardy plants. They evolved to thrive in desert environments where sunlight is unforgiving and water is scarce, so they’ll have no trouble surviving on your office desk.

Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, some spikey and others fluffy. Just pick one that you like the look of and, if you do go for a spikey one, make sure you keep it somewhere you aren’t likely to place your hand on it accidentally!

In the spring and summer, when cacti are growing, they’ll need watered around once a week. The great thing is that if you forget a few days they aren’t going to keel over, just make sure not to leave them for months at end.

During the autumn and winter, don’t water your cactus so much – let the soil dry out between watering.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are incredibly hardy and durable. They are fantastic plants for beginners, and with some well-drained soil and indirect sunlight they will thrive.

Again, you should be watering spider plants around once a week. Give it a generous drink, but don’t let the soil get too soggy – this can lead to root rot which will damage the plant. A tip to understand when to give it a top up is to stick your finger into the soil, if it’s dry until a couple of inches down, it’s time to water.

Bonus fun fact about spider plants is that they are non-toxic and hallucinogenic to cats! If sitting on your desk at home, you might find your furry friend taking a little munch. Click here to view our Atlas Mini, a fantastic modestly-sized desk for home use.

Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Pothos, which you might know as devil’s ivy, is another plant which thrives in low-light conditions. Although it doesn’t do quite as well in periods of drought as the others on this list, it will still take a fair period without watering to kill it, and it will definitely let you know when it needs a drink.

An added bonus of Devil’s Ivy is that it will continually grow throughout your time with it, making it hang elegantly off the side of your desk. If it thrives so much its length becomes an issue, don’t be afraid to give it a prune.

If you have an adjustable standing desk, you can give yourself a challenge to see if you can grow it long enough to touch the ground even when in an upright position!

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We hope you’ve appreciated our guide on good low-maintenance plants to freshen up your working environment. If you want to go even further and upgrade your desk, click here to browse our fantastic range of adjustable electric desks.