How Switching to an Electric Standing Desk Affects Your Working Day

Working ‘harder’ isn’t the only way to increase your output. Likewise, less time at your...
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Tackling Bad Habits and Healthy Desk Stretches

Quick advice on how to use habits to lead to a more active lifestyle, including a few stretches you can do yo clear your mind and refocus at home or in your office.
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Do the Benefits of a Standing Desk Apply to Gamers?

The benefits of a standing desk have been outlined numerous times on our website, but...
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Why Standing Desks are Perfect for a Corporate Setting

Standing desks will make a valuable addition to any office, whether you have an entire...
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Buy an Ergo Desk Now, Pay Later with Klarna

A desk can be a significant investment, especially if you are opting for a health...
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Three Ways Standing Desks Improve Your Commercial Office

As more and more people in the UK get ready to head back to the...
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