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Why Standing Desks are Perfect for a Corporate Setting

Standing desks will make a valuable addition to any office, whether you have an entire suite of desks or just one or two spaced around the space. In this blog, we will examine three reasons why standing desks can improve your corporate space.

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1. Hot Desking

If your office has one or more ‘Hot Desks’, which don’t belong to any particular worker but instead work on a rota system, Height Adjustable Desks are a fantastic solution. Traditionally, standing desks in this context might present a problem as, naturally, different people require different heights.

At the touch of a button, the smooth motorised transitions mean that even staff members without a permanent desk can enjoy the benefits of a height adjustable desk without the distraction of having to wrestle with a tricky mechanism every time they use the desk after a colleague.

2. Boosted Productivity

If there’s one thing you want to prioritise in your workplace, it’s productivity. Whatever tool you can give your employees to stay engaged with work is valuable. After all, we are all human. Even the hardest of workers will have moments where they become distracted or unmotivated.

This is where the value of a height adjustable desk shines. Over and above the health benefits of being up on your feet, using a standing desk helps to keep your mind engaged. Body language is key to productivity. Standing up with your back straight means your brain is under no illusion as to where you are and what you should be doing.

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Naturally, standing all day isn’t a solution for everyone. A height adjustable desk is the perfect middle ground. Employees have total control over when and for how long they stand up.

collaborating office standing desk

(Pictured above is the Collaborate Electric Desk, available with bespoke top options. Please contact us for more details when ordering).

3. Staff Value

The more an employee feels their employer cares and is investing in their wellbeing, the better their team morale. Naturally, many factors feed into this, not least of which is fostering a pleasant and productive working environment that employees are glad to be a part of.

At Ergo Desks we provide Bespoke Office Solutions, with packages of office furniture that provide high quality, height adjustable desks that show you, as an employer, are willing to go above and beyond for your team. You aren’t forcing anyone to stand, or indeed forcing them to sit. Instead, you are giving employees total control over how they approach their desk work heavy days.

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