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Three Ways Standing Desks Improve Your Commercial Office

As more and more people in the UK get ready to head back to the office, it may be time for an office furniture refresh. Similarly, if you are starting a new business and looking for a suite of commercial office furniture to set you up for success, look no further than Ergo Desks.

In this blog, we outline why Standing Desks are a fantastic solution for any forward-thinking office. For a catered desk package, Get In Touch with our team today – we are always more than happy to help.

Staff Morale

The best way to boost staff morale is to invest in the team and create an environment which makes staff feel valued by the company. Part of doing this is making sure they have a workplace they can be proud of and the equipment they need to perform their work to the highest possible standards.

High quality and practical desks are a fantastic way of doing this. After all, we spent 90% of our working days at our desks, so it’s important they are comfortable, effective, and something we can really make our own.

Whether you are setting up a new business or refreshing your existing office, standing desks will make sure your staff know you care.

Boosted Productivity

Standing desks have been proven to boost productivity in many UK offices. Whether we like it or not, the vast majority of office chairs are far too easy to slouch in. Body language feeds into our productivity and output. Standing up with our back straight puts us into a work mode, not a relaxation mood.

Alternatively, consider options like the Curvo Ergonomic Chair from Ergo Desks, designed to provide a solution to alternate between sitting, standing and perching to keep active in the office. Explore our whole range of Ergonomic Office Chairs here.

Giving staff the ability to switch between sitting and standing gives them another motive to stay engaged in their work throughout the day. Ergo Desks are the perfect option for a commercial office so that your team have control over when they want to stand up.

Modern Solutions for Forward-Thinkers

Your office is like a shop window whenever you have visitors. Even if your office features heavily in your marketing, it’s vital that you treat it as the selling tool it is; your office reflects the kind of company you are and lets your customers know the standards you maintain.

Standing desks help show that your business is forward-thinking and modern. You are a company ready to find intuitive solutions to problems and use technological solutions to help overcome obstacles.

Tailored Packages

Are you looking to kit out your office with some cutting edge adjustable electric desks for your office? Our staff will be more than happy to help by working with you to tailor a package to suit your individual office space and requirements. Check out our Bespoke Workplace Solutions for more information.

It all starts with a chat – Contact Us today for expert advice on our products and office solutions, or email us at info@ergodesks.co.uk

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