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The 6 Best Cable Management Ideas for a Standing Desk

Standing desks have become increasingly popular in the modern workplace, offering fantastic ergonomic benefits and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

However, as convenient and versatile as standing desks are, managing cables presents a common challenge.

With the freedom to adjust height and the need for various devices, gadgets and equipment (keyboard, mouse etc, chargers etc), keeping cables tidy and organised can be tricky.

But fear not! Here we explore the best cable management ideas for standing desks.

What Is Cable Management?

Cable management is a word used to describe the way cables are routed, organised, secured and concealed to maintain a tidy and functional workspace or living environment.

Effective cable management involves various tools to prevent cables from becoming tangled, damaged, or creating a cluttered appearance.

Managing cables is essential to ensure safety, enhance aesthetics, and improve the overall efficiency of the workspace.

Cable management can come in many different forms. Most modern working desks come with built-in cable management capabilities. For example, grommets in the desk or cable covers that let you run cables down below the desktop.

Here are 6 of the best cable management ideas for a standing desk:

1. Cable Tray

One of the most widely used cable management tools are cable trays. These are devices designed to organise, conceal, and secure cables, typically under desks or along walls. They are used to keep cables off the floor and out of sight, reducing clutter, and preventing tangling.

Most cable trays on the market are made from metal, plastic, or wire mesh, and are durable and sturdy to hold multiple cables and power strips.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

The Ergo Desks under desk cable management tray will discreetly house all of your cables, extension leads and adapters, for a safe and tidier workspace.

It is suitable for most standing desk sizes 100cm - 180cm in length, but it is specifically designed to fix the frames of our Atlas, Apollo and Duo ranges.

You can also fix it directly to the desktop on other desk ranges using the brackets provided, making it a versatile cable management option.

2. Cable Clips

A more discreet cable management option is cable clips - small devices used to secure and organise cables, keeping them in place.

They can be found in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different types of cables and mounting surfaces, for example, rubber, metal and plastic. 

There are a variety of mounting options you can choose from with cable clips:

  • Adhesive-backed: These clips have a sticky backing that can be attached to surfaces like desks, walls, or furniture.
  • Screw-mounted: These clips are attached using screws for a more permanent solution, suitable for heavier cables or rough surfaces.
  • Magnetic: Some clips use magnets to attach to metal surfaces, offering a reusable and repositionable option.
Some clips are specifically designed for small cables like USB or phone chargers, while others can accommodate larger power cables.

3. Cable Port Holes

Cable port holes, also known as desk grommets, are circular or rectangular openings that are integrated into standing desks. They are found on many new desk models and provide a clean and organised way to route cables from electronic devices, such as computers, monitors, and lamps, through the surface to power outlets.

They very often include a removable cover or cap with a slot or opening for cables to pass through, and are typically made from durable plastic, metal, or rubber, designed to withstand regular use and friction from cables.

4. Magnetic Cable Holder

Another modern method of cable management are magnetic cable holders. These are designed to keep cables organised and easily accessible using magnets.

They consist of a magnetic base and magnetic clips or holders that attach to cables, allowing the cables to be neatly arranged and quickly retrieved as needed. Pretty cool, right?

When it comes to mounting on the desk, most magnetic cable holders have adhesive-backed bases that can be attached to desks, walls, or other surfaces. However, some bases are designed to be placed on flat surfaces without adhesive for easy repositioning.

Ergo Desks Magnetic Cable Holder

Made from durable corrosion-resistant zinc with a matte texture plated finish, this durable magnetic cable holder is a sleek and stylish solution for keeping your cables organised and clear from your desk workspace.

It is compatible for use with our desk mat.

5. Cable Spine

Cable spines, also known as cable snakes or cable conduits, are flexible structures used to organise and guide cables from desks or workstations to power sources.

They are typically made from plastic or metal, and provide an efficient way to manage cables on standing desks, where they can accommodate the movement of the desk.

Ergo Desks Cable Spine

Ideal for use with sit/stand desks, these 130cm cable spines lock stray cables in place, allowing only one direction of movement.

The weighted bottom keeps the cable manager rooted to the ground, while the spine itself protects cables from damage and knots.

Cable spines are especially useful for height-adjustable desks.

6. Bluetooth Solutions

Last but not least, one non-conventional way of managing your cables is eliminating them all together with the use of Bluetooth solutions.

Where possible, you could consider switching to wireless equipment like keyboards, mice, and headphones to reduce the number of cables within your workspace.

Not only will this reduce clutter, but Bluetooth devices can be easily moved around without being restricted by cable lengths.

In work environments with adjustable desks or frequently rearranged setups, Bluetooth devices adapt easily without the need to reconfigure cables, so switching to these solutions can massively improve mobility and flexibility within your workspace.

We hope this blog provides the inspiration and practical solutions needed to transform your workspace into a clutter-free and efficient area.

If you need additional help choosing the right cable management tools for your office, feel free to contact our expert team with any queries via our live chat feature on our website, via email at admin@ergodesks.co.uk or call us on 020 8064 0064.

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