How Much Weight Can a Standing Desk Hold?

Standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks, allow users to switch between sitting and standing positions while at work, offering a number of ergonomic benefits for the user. When it comes to planning your office setup, determining your desk’s capacity is important to understand what monitors and accessories it can hold, in order to ensure a safe and functional work environment.

Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to how much weight your desk can hold, including what factors to look for.

How Much Weight Can a Standing Desk Hold?

Weight capacity is the metric to show how much you can place on your standing desk before it will start struggling to adjust in height. If you exceed the recommended limits, it may damage the motor, and in very rare cases, your desk might collapse under the weight. 

Standing desks can typically hold a maximum of 80 kg to 160 kg in weight, depending on several factors, including type, size, shape and material.

Let's look in more detail at the weight related factors you need to consider when purchasing a standing desk, to help you make an informed decision on which one to choose. 

1. Accessories 

Based on their average weight, you need less than 10 kg to hold a laptop and a monitor. With these essentials, you most likely won’t meet or surpass the maximum weight. 

However, a heavier desktop computer or additional desk accessories, such as a printer, laptop stand, monitor arm, cable management system, books, paperwork and a plant, can significantly increase this load.





5 - 7 kg

Desktop PC

5 - 14 kg


1 - 3 kg


2.5 - 10 kg


2. Type

Electric standing desks tend to have a higher weight limit and can accommodate multiple monitors and equipment, whereas a manual or foldable standing desk tends to accommodate less.

In addition to this, manual standing desks get harder to raise and lower the more weight is on the surface.

However, this depends on several other factors, including size, shape and material.

3. Size & Shape

The desk's design and structure also impact its capacity to hold weight. Desks with a T-frame design tend to be able to handle heavier loads, and the presence of a cross support or stabilising bar underneath the desk can enhance its ability to handle more weight.

The arrangement of legs and support beams also affects how evenly the weight is distributed.

4. Material

The materials used in constructing the desk play a significant role in determining how much weight it can hold. Desks made from steel and concrete tend to hold more weight, whereas desks made from plastic, glass or aluminium tend to hold much less weight, for example.

You also need to consider the frame and desk top finish you choose, as this can affect the weight of a desk and how much load it can hold. 

Keep in mind that, depending on your floor, if you purchase a heavier desk, you might also require a floor mat to prevent damage. Moreover, if you purchase a heavier desk, this will make it less mobile. 

5. Mechanism

Adjustable standing desks tend to use lifting mechanisms, such as an electric motor or manual crank. The type of lifting mechanism can impact the level of stability, durability, and weight-handling capabilities of your desk. 

In general, electric desks hold the most weight, whereas desks with pneumatic lifts or manual cranks are designed for lighter loads. 

Desk Load Comparison

Looking to purchase a standing desk? Our buying guide will give you an idea of the weight-bearing capacities of each make and model that we stock at Ergo Desks.



Altitude Electric Standing Desk

 80 kg

Apollo Lite Electric Standing Desk

 80 kg

Atlas Chrome Electric Standing Desk

 120 kg

Atlas Electric Standing Corner Desk

 160 kg

Atlas Electric Standing Desk

 120 kg

Atlas Mini Electric Standing Desk

 120 kg

Autonomy Pro Electric Standing Desk

 130 kg

Crown Electric Standing Desk

 100 kg

Duo Electric Standing Workbench

 120 kg

Hades Electric Standing Desk

 120 kg

Liberty Electric Standing Desk

 80 kg


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