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Active working in all shapes and sizes.

Check out our varied selection of quality standing desks to suit all requirements. No matter what your requirements might be, we'll have the perfect solution to help you reduce back pain, aches, high blood pressure and the many other risks of sedentary work.

Interchanging between a sitting and standing position throughout your work day will greatly aid you in managing the above health risks while also improving your mood, focus and increasing collaboration between colleagues.

Our standard desktops are made from the highest grade MFC and are 2.5cm thick. Premium desktops are available upon request, for more information and pricing please contact admin@ergodesks.co.uk.

Now with free memory control and porthole upgrade for all desks.

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Atlas Chrome Standing Desk
£966.00 (Ex VAT: £805.00)
  • High Quality Dual Motor (120kg lift capacity)
  • Premium Chrome Appearance
  • Durable 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Atlas Chrome Standing Corner Desk
    £1,464.00 (Ex VAT: £1,220.00)
  • Powerful Triple Motor (160kg lift capacity)
  • Premium Chrome Appearance
  • Durable 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Atlas Standing Meeting Table
    £966.00 (Ex VAT: £805.00)
  • Designed for Dynamic Meetings
  • Durable 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Large Work Surface (2.4 x 1 m)
  • Sale
    Altitude Standing Desk Bronze Edition
    £379.99 (Ex VAT: £316.66)
  • Power Efficient Single Motor (80kg lift capacity)
  • Limited Edition
  • Perfect for Home Use
  • Sale
    Altitude Pro Standing Desk - Bronze Edition
    £463.99 (Ex VAT: £386.66)
  • Cost Effective Dual Motor (100kg lift capacity)
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Ideal for Home Use
  • Remo Standing Desk
    £550.00 (Ex VAT: £458.33)
  • Circular Tube Design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Perfect for Home Use
  • Atlas Mini Standing Desk - Anthracite Edition
    £696.00 (Ex VAT: £580.00)
  • Powerful Dual Motor (120kg lift capacity)
  • Compact 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Designed for small Spaces
  • Health Benefits of a standing desk


    Prioritise your wellbeing

    There are multiple benefits of standing desks. Ergo Desks has plenty of options to choose from that can not only improve your working environment but also have a tremendous impact on your health!

    Whether working from home or working on your passions, your desk space should be dynamic and flexible, just like you. That’s why Ergo Desks offers electric and manual standing desks to fit any situation throughout the day. A standing desk creates a dynamically changing environment which supports your wellbeing and productivity.

    Working on a standing desk allows for increased movement throughout the day, reducing the risks of health concerns from sitting in one place for too long. Prolonged sitting has been linked to a series of health issues such as obesity, muscle disorders, diabetes, and heart disease. Opting for a standing desk can increase your metabolism, energy and focus, as well as helping to drive weight loss and increase levels of productivity.

    Using the Correct Desk Frame Height

    It can be difficult to pinpoint a standard desk height. Although the average desk height is 73cm, this is not an optimum or correct height for everyone. Many people are unaware that an ergonomically correct height exists for desks and office chairs.

    A poor desk set up can result in short term discomfort and even lead to chronic back pain. Therefore consider some information before choosing a desk height:


    (Your height in inches) + 1 = Your perfect desk height in cm.


    Standard desk height considerations are also important for standing desks, as you want your standing desk to be set to your elbow height. During use the forearm and upper arm should be perpendicular with the elbow bent at a 90-degree angle.

    Productivity benefits of a standing desk

    Staying focused on your work throughout the day isn’t always easy. Any help we can get to boost productivity is invaluable. A standing desk helps keep you engaged by letting you stand up with your back straight, helping you fight the urge to slouch into relaxation mode.


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