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The Glass Wipe Board Company: Height Adjustable Desks

About the Company


Aaron Dewhurst and daughter Carly Brooks founded The Glass Wipe Board Company in 2010 and were soon joined by Sam Dewhurst in 2011, Aaron has taken the role of CEO in the company, whilst Carly is looking after the company's Key Accounts within the sales department and Sam oversees production.

With you from start to finish, we make sure you get the glass writing board that suits your needs and budget. We manufacture to the highest standards and carefully package all our products to ensure that you get the best possible service and product.

We supply our glass dry wipe boards to a broad customer base, including business, education and leisure, from individuals to bulk orders and full fit-outs in high profile offices.

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Adjustable Desk

Products Required


6x - Liberty Electric Workbench 160 x 163 CM with Screens 

1x - Liberty Electric Desk 180x 80 CM

13x - Accessories: Cable tray / CPU holder / Cable Spine

12x - Lockable Cabinets 80 x 80 x 35 CM





We were looking for electric desks for our newly refurbished office so our teams had the option to sit or stand whilst working at their desk, price was becoming an issue until I came across Ergo Desks.

Kris was our contact and was extremely helpful answered all my questions, we need option of single desks and double desks with various sizes along with a couple of different top finishes, we also added some accessories like cable trays and CPU holders.

The service was very efficient with a quick lead time of 10 days.

They are easy to install, we did them ourselves and once we had done one the rest of the install flowed nicely, Ergo Desks did offer an installation service but as we were on a budget decided to tackle this ourselves.

I would highly recommend Ergo Desks to anyone looking for that stand up sit down option, they work really well and our teams are really pleased they now have a choice. - Aaron Dewhurst

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about office refits drop us a line at info@ergodesks.co.uk or call 020 8064 0064


Adjustable Office