Benefits of Standing Desks For Gaming

Benefits of Standing Desks For Gaming

Standing desks and PC gaming go hand and hand when it comes to having a gamer's dream setup. People can spend hours on end sitting at a traditional style desk playing video games and not even think twice about their health. It isn't until after they finish playing, can they notice problems associated with long gaming sessions. We will explain the benefits to gaming with a standing desk, educate on healthy gaming techniques, and mention some features that can take your gaming setup to another level!

Benefits to Gaming with a Standing Desk

Standing desks have been around for a while and are usually marketed to increase productivity by standing on your feet, but what about gaming? Will you get the same boost of attention and awareness as you do from your traditional style desk? How does this contrast to sitting? It's one thing to be standing while holding a controller, but what about a keyboard and mouse? These are all questions a gamer might have before purchasing a standing desk.

With a standing desk, you can adjust the height to exactly where you want it. So you can have your elbows at the right angle to game comfortably. Which is incredibly important; otherwise, you might have your wrists over angled or in a position where you don't feel natural — affecting your gaming performance. After you calibrate your height to find your sweet spot, Ergo Desks gives you the option to make presets to save that perfect height you enjoy.

A standing desk will also make you more in tuned, engaged and more energetic to the game. Sure, making a drastic change in how you play a game will take a little time to adjust. However, standing offers proven physical benefits that include reducing weight gain, increased energy levels, improved mood, and boosts your overall productivity. These should all lead to healthier and happier gamers. 

Healthy Gaming

Although standing is excellent, sitting is still good to do. It is essential to find that right balance of how much you stand versus how much you sit throughout the day. For a more competitive style game, standing up might give you that edge you are seeking. However, on a more casual style game where strategy is necessary, one might feel the need to lower down the desk and position it to that perfect height to maximise your comfort. 

The most important part at the end of the day is your health. Are you gaming healthy? Do you have back pain that doesn't go away? Your current office set up might be the reason for all your pain. There are countless health benefits that a standing desk can provide you — reducing back pain being one of them. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that for every hour spent in front of the TV after the age of 25, reduced life expectancy by nearly 22 minutes. To make it a little clearer, the author compared it to smoking. About one cigarette reduces your life expectancy by about 11 minutes. A computer screen is very similar to a television!

Standing Desk Accessories

Once you have a standing desk, you must add some accessories to reap the full benefits. For instance, add some monitor arms where your screen is away from the surface. Monitor arms will allow empty desk space, giving you that extra room you've always desired. Want to hide some of the cords? Purchasing a cable tray can make your wires a little more visually appealing and more organised. If you've gone this far, a CPU holder doesn't hurt. That way when your desk rises the cords and CPU will move up with it. Ensuring no wires gets stretched or pulled.


When it comes to gaming, making sure you have the best setup to achieve the best results is essential. A standing desk is a long term investment in your health and yourself. A fan favourite Fortnite streamer named "Tfue" gets the most out of his standing desk by setting a perfect height when plays Fortnite. If you are a hardcore gamer and looking for an edge on the competition or keeping yourself energised for more extended periods, an Ergo Desk might be just what you need!