How Do Standing Desks Work?

The idea of standing desks is to provide the user with the opportunity to switch between a seated and standing position while working. Although there are desks available which can be set at varying heights when being assembled, we specialise in ones which can be adjusted dynamically without having to spend a lot of effort re-configuring them. There are two main ways in which our desks can do this - at the touch of a button with an electric motor or manual crank.

Electric Standing Desks

Electric desks come with buttons which can be used to adjust the height of the desk at any time. The most basic options for this are simple up and down buttons to raise or lower the table top to the desired height. Some desks can also be supplied with additional buttons which will move the desk to various preset heights, so you can switch between consistent heights that you find most comfortable. Programmed heights are especially useful for workstations shared by multiple people, simply save the preferred setting for each person!

Manual Standing Desks

Manual desks, on the other hand, provide a crank which can be turned to alter the height of the desk. Most desks provide various locations in which the crank can be attached to provide the lifting/lowering mechanism. Although the electric option is easier, manual desks are usually cheaper and adjusting the height is still no hassle as it doesn't require any tools or reassembling of the desk.


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