We offer personalised custom solutions to each of our corporate customers as we understand every office has a different requirement. Are you considering upgrading your office, or potentially moving to a new location? 


Dynamic Work Environment

If you are looking to create a more mobile work environment to improve employee focus and morale, we have a range of height adjustable desks with dimensions and styles to suit a wide range of requirements. Additionally we offer help in planning the layout of your office, while composing the best deal of height adjustable desks and accessories for your company. 


Height adjustable desks in an ergonomic office


Ergonomic communal areas

While we specialise in height adjustable desks and associated accessories, we understand that offices have areas where furniture is required to remain more static, for example receptions, meeting rooms or even general storage spaces. If you think we may be able to help you in any of those areas please get in touch and we might be able to offer a static, but ergonomic solution to your needs. 



Ergonomic reception


Meeting Rooms

Ergonomic meeting room


Contact Us at info@ergodesks.co.uk and we can help by planning and realising an ergonomic environment that best suits your needs. 


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