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Height Adjustable Desks

View our full collection of highly customisable height adjustable desks. Whether you're looking for a manual or electric option, we have a height adjustable desk that's right for you! Our range of adjustable desks includes corner desks, double desks and workbenches, with a choice of customisable finishes.

Productivity Benefits

Slouching at work can make it difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. Body language plays a key role in productivity, and standing up with your back straight will ensure your mind doesn’t wander. Height adjustable desks offer the best of both worlds, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of a standing desk without being on your feet all day.

Health Benefits

If you are suffering from backaches and pains after a long day of work, it may well be your seating position that is the problem. A height adjustable standing desk offers a flexible solution. You can stand up and sit down at the push of a button to make sure you can periodically straighten out your spine without being on your feet all day.

Customisable Options Available

At Ergo, we don’t believe you have to sacrifice form in favour of function when designing ergonomic furniture. This is why we have developed a broad range of electric adjustable desks with extensive customisation options, to make sure all of our customers can get a product that suits that they appreciate looking at just as much as using.

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Modal Standing Desk
£545.00 (Ex VAT: £454.17)
  • 80kg Lift Capacity
  • Easy Assembly
  • Perfect for Home Use
  • Kompakt Standing Desk
    £438.00 (Ex VAT: £365.00)
  • Dual-Motor
  • Quality Swedish Design
  • 100kg lift capacity
  • Sale
    Altitude Standing Desk Bronze Edition
    £379.99 (Ex VAT: £316.66)
  • Power Efficient Single Motor (80kg lift capacity)
  • Limited Edition
  • Perfect for Home Use
  • Sale
    Altitude Pro Standing Desk - Bronze Edition
    £463.99 (Ex VAT: £386.66)
  • Cost Effective Dual Motor (100kg lift capacity)
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Ideal for Home Use
  • Atlas Radial Standing Desk
    £1,314.00 (Ex VAT: £1,095.00)
  • Powerful Triple Motor (160kg lift capacity)
  • Compact 3 Tier Swedish 3 Leg Frame
  • Radial Design for ergonomic working Style
  • Remo Standing Desk
    £550.00 (Ex VAT: £458.33)
  • Circular Tube Design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Perfect for Home Use
  • Atlas Mini Standing Desk - Anthracite Edition
    £576.00 (Ex VAT: £480.00)
  • Powerful Dual Motor (120kg lift capacity)
  • Compact 3 Tier Swedish Frame
  • Designed for small Spaces