How Switching to an Electric Standing Desk Affects Your Working Day

Working ‘harder’ isn’t the only way to increase your output. Likewise, less time at your desk isn’t the only way to improve health and fitness. In fact, changing your office setup can have a significant effect on both of these, and a standing desk can play a key role.

An adjustable electric standing desk is a fantastic addition to any commercial or domestic office, and once you switch, you’ll never look back. Read on to find out what benefits you can expect. Browse our Standing Desks range today.

Boosting Productivity

You might be asking yourself, how a standing desk can change your productivity. After all, you might have enough room for your computer, your equipment, and your documents. How would swapping one flat surface for another make a difference? Well, it essentially comes down to the height adjustable stance.

The fact is, the majority of office chairs are too easy to slouch in. Yes, ergonomic chairs are better and help you to remain comfortable while upright, but ultimately it is still possible and tempting to slouch.

Your stance and posture is also linked to your mental state and focus. For example, when you are slouched, your brain falls into relaxation mode. This can make it difficult to concentrate and, in extreme cases (especially when working from home!), it can even make you sleepy.

Standing up with your back straight is the opposite. Your body is telling your brain that is time for work. It’s a time of productivity, not relaxation. An electric standing desk lets you sit down when required but gives you the option to switch to a more alert state by standing up, allowing you to focus clearly on the task at hand.

woman at a standing desk

Health and Fitness

Remember when we mentioned how chairs will always tempt you to slouch? This isn’t just bad for focus. It can have a terrible effect on your spinal health. After all, humans didn’t evolve to sit at a computer all day; our ancestors were generally upright and active throughout the day.

As a result, many people doing office work suffer back pain. This isn’t always just a result of growing older, but rather a direct result of bad seated posture which causes more strain and damage over time.

Regular breaks from your desk and walks around the office can help, but standing upright while still getting your work done is even better. In fact, many people suffering back pain who switched to a standing desk reported improvements that reversed when they returned to an exclusively seated desk.

Moreover, standing engages several muscles that are in a completely rested state when seated. When these muscles are engaged to keep you upright and balanced, they use energy which means burning calories.

Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t a huge amount which results in fatigue and tiredness, but it is enough to accumulate and make a real difference over the course of a working week. Additionally, by having an adjustable standing desk, you can swap to a seated position according to your own physical needs and capabilities.

Whether you want to sit in the morning and stand in the afternoon, or swap between them every thirty minutes, the ease of use of our fantastic range gives you total control.

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