Why People across the UK are Switching to a Standing Desk

Standing desks are more popular than they ever have been, and that’s not an accident. In the weird world we live in now, there has never been a better time to embrace this new approach to work, for all the benefits that they bring. In many ways, Standing Desks are the perfect antidote to the lethargy of lockdown!

In this blog, we’ll outline some of the reasons 2021 is the year for the standing desk to shine.

Get up on Your Feet

Staying active during lockdown is a serious challenge. Even with the new commitment to daily exercise many of us have adopted, it isn’t easy to make sure we are spending enough time up out of our chairs without our commute and socialising.

This lack of mobility isn’t just bad for general fitness, but spending too much time slouched in a chair can lead to bad posture and, in turn, back pain.

In fact, if you are already suffering from back pain, studies have shown that a simple switch to a standing desk can reduce pain by up to 30%. And if that isn’t enough, another study has shown this relief can occur in just four weeks. 

Standing desks are a fantastic way to get up on your feet even while you are at work, and the adjustable electric standing desks we provide at Ergo are a perfect compromise for people who don’t want to commit to standing up all day. If you want more information on how long you should be standing at your desk for optimal results, click here to read our blog on the subject.

Improve Productivity

Maintaining productivity is an issue for many of us when we are in the office, so working at home with all the distractions that come with it is even more of a challenge. Is anyone else finding those coffee breaks are getting longer and longer?

Your posture is tied closely to productivity. If you sit on the couch slouched back with a laptop on a pillow, your body isn’t in work mode. Similarly, slumping back on a chair in a toasty warm home with countless distractions (including the fridge) tempting you to leave work momentarily doesn’t promote hard work.

There is growing evidence that standing up with your back straight helps increase focus and productivity when it comes to working. Many people use an adjustable standing desk to avoid the post-lunch lull by choosing to stand in the afternoon, finding that this becomes the most productive part of their day.

So, offset the perils that come with home working with one of our adjustable electric standing desks!

Standing Desks – The Perfect Lockdown Companion!

And there we have it, some key reasons why standing desks are finding a boom in popularity this year. The unique benefits they offer over a standard working setup have always been worthwhile, but they also happen to be the perfect antidote to lockdown living.

From the premium executive Crown Electric to the more modest Atlas Mini, ideal for smaller homes, Ergo Desks offers a vast array of options for all tastes, requirements, and budgets. Browse our range today and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information!