Introducing the Ergo Summer Sale

Summer is here, finally! In celebration we are launching our Ergo Desks summer sale, giving you the chance to save on some of our most popular adjustable standing desk products and other must-have accessories.

In this blog, we’ll outline the key products in our sale as well as how much you can save. Check our our sale here and make your summer savings here. 

Altitude Standing Desk

The Altitude is a relatively new but increasingly popular addition to our line-up. It is incredibly power-efficient and with its compact design it is ideal for home use or in smaller office spaces.

The frame itself is incredibly robust while being incredibly easy to assemble yourself due to its pre-drilled top and metal screw inserts. With a variety of finishes and frame colours available, the Altitude adjustable standing desk is perfect for any environment.

View the Altitude in our summer sale here. 

Apollo Pro Standing Desk

The ever-popular Apollo pro is a hallmark within our range. Displayed at SiTU LIVE in London, this staple of our collection is a dual-motor design with an incredibly stable frame and generous worktop space.

Available in our sale with a reduced price as well as free Memory Controller and Portholes, this desk is a perfect all-rounder option.

View the Apollo Pro in our summer sale here. 

Atlas Standing Corner Desk

The Atlas is another essential in the Ergo collection, and the Corner model provides a huge amount of worktop space for any desk worker with a significant amount of equipment or documentation. Ideal for the corporate environment or larger home offices.

The Atlas Corner boasts a reliable and energy-efficient three-motor design and robust steel frame which can support up to 160kg of weight with ease.

View the Atlas Corner in our summer sale here. 

Tempo Ergonomic Chair

Not all of us want to be stood at our desk all day, which is the main benefit of an adjustable standing desk. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care for our backs once seated, and an ergonomic chair is the ideal solution.

The Tempo is designed and manufactured in the UK, with an asynchronous mechanism that allows for independent adjustment of the seat pad and backrest angle. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, you can tailor this chair specifically for your needs.

View the Tempo in our summer sale here. 

Hades Standing Desk

The Hades has been one of the bolder designs in our range for quite a while. Popular with gamers and those looking to create a modern office space, the Hades boasts framework finished with a clear lacquer leaving the weld seams, heart marks, and burnishing leftover from manufacturing on full display.

Pair the industrial frame with our huge selection of worktop finishes to achieve the perfect look for you.

View the Hades in our summer sale here. 

Bluetooth Controller

At Ergo, we are always looking to embrace the latest technologies to provide the most seamless functionalities for our customers. Our Bluetooth controller is an optional extra which allows you to control the height of your desk conveniently from an app on your phone, or with the buttons available on the underside of the controller.

Shop the Bluetooth Controller in our summer sale here

Don’t Miss Our on our Summer Sale

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