Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

A standing desk could be a good investment for your health. If you spend hours sitting in an office every day, this is a product you seriously should consider purchasing. With the advancement of technology over the years, you'd expect by now for the traditional desk to have gone out of style. In this blog we explore the benefits one can gain by upgrading from a conventional style desk to a standing desk. We will also look at some health risks one can lessen by making this switch.

What's so Special About a Standing Desk?

With how much the world has shifted in terms of communicating, buying, selling, and even offering services online, vast amount of jobs have been created. Many of those jobs consist of sitting at a desk on a computer all day. People are standing less, and it's an issue that is being ignored. According to The Sun, 37 percent of Brits spend less than 30 minutes a day on their feet!

One luxury you can benefit from using a standing desk would be that you can stand comfortably and still get your work done. Having an office where you can adjust the height of your desk will also enable the user more creative ways to position themselves while they work, which could also improve one's posture.

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Serious Health Risks

Some people might not understand the risks of sitting stationary 9 to 5 all day at your desk. Cambridge University found that 9 to 5 office jobs have detrimental health effects than can be linked to causes of one in every six deaths - 90,000 per year. Now, what are some of these health risks you might be asking yourself, let's find out. 


Well for starters, switching to a standing desk can lower your risk of obesity. When compared to sedentary work a study found; standing solely throughout the second half of your work day has been shown to burn over 170 calories! So standing up after you come back from lunch till the end of your shift adds up to 850 calories you can cut in a week. Add this up over the year, and that alone will have a considerable impact on one's health. 

Heart Disease

Another risk significantly reduced when going from sitting to standing is heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in the world by a landslide! A study done found bus conductors who stood all day had half the risk of heart disease-related deaths when compared to other colleagues who sat in the driver's seat. Add in a poor diet and lack of exercise, you are creating a recipe for disaster. 


Standing desks also drop the risk of diabetes when switching from sitting to standing. Now, this was a small sample size of 10 office workers, but the study found from standing the remainder of the day after coming back from lunch reduced their blood sugar spike by 43% when compared to sitting the same amount of time.

Back Pain

Finally, one of the most noticeable effects of sitting all day, back pain! Several studies regarding back pain and sitting have found evidence to support adding the occasional standing to have a positive impact on one's health. What the CDC found that using a standing desk helped reduce upper back and neck pain by 54% just after four weeks! Back pain alone is the surface of it all. The pain can cause you to be in bad moods that can trickle to other aspects of your life like your family and even romantic relationships.

Stand up for Your Health!

You've heard some of the adverse effects sitting down all day at work can cause to your health. What is stopping you from getting an adjustable height desk? Standing is also linked to lower feelings of stress and fatigue. While at the same time it's known to improve your energy levels and mood. Overall, making this switch can enhance the quality of work for the employee. A happy and productive employee makes for a win-win environment for the employer. At the same time prevent them from health risks by just making a simple change in how they work. Take a stand on your health! Consider the decision of making an investment that will give a high return on your overall well-being and increase longevity. 

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