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Choosing the Right Standing Desk for the Ultimate Home Office

With lockdown restrictions continuing, many of us are increasingly aware that working from home is a more permanent reality. As such, it’s more important than ever that our home office is not just a makeshift effort to see us through a period of a few weeks or months, but something that for many will be a fundamental part of their working effort.

So for all of you still sitting at the dining table, struggling on the couch with a laptop on your lap, or even hunched over a coffee table, it’s time to upgrade and make sure that your remain as productive and efficient as possible. It’s time to invest in a standing desk.


Although we aren’t making any accusations, it isn’t unusual to struggle a bit in terms of productivity and output when working from home. After all, it’s not that people are lazy, but sometimes it can be difficult to get your brain to associate a place generally for comfort and relaxation with work.

With restrictions likely to mean that the majority of offices are unlikely to reopen until well into next year, or according to some as long as it takes until a vaccine is both developed, tested, and distributed widely amongst the population.

So if you were holding off trying to make do with a temporary setup until all of this blows over, it might be time to accept something more permanent at home. A standing desk is the perfect foundation for your home office as it makes it significantly more difficult to slip into a lethargic, relaxed mood while you are working.

This is because your posture has a significant effect on your output. Slouching in an armchair makes it far too easy for your mind to wander, losing focus on your work and starting to relax when you have plenty of your plate.

Standing up is the perfect remedy, helping you to keep your attention on the task at hand rather than slouching back in your chair and losing all of your momentum.


Over and above the incredible importance of the sit-stand capability of each standing desk that we offer, it’s important that the basic fundamentals of the desk suit your needs. Having a desk that is too small can cause repeated interruptions as you shuffle things around to access what you need, and having one that is too large can be an unnecessary expense while taking up too much room.

Our standing desks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from modest solo desks for smaller homes and more cramped offices to huge executive corner desks that leaves all of your office equipment and work supplies available with just a swivel of your chair.

So if you are finding that an inefficient domestic workspace is affecting the quality and quantity of your output, Ergo Desks provides a number of options to revolutionise the way you work from home. 


Finding the perfect desk for a domestic setting is in many ways a more difficult challenge than a commercial equivalent. After all, while an ugly desk at work might not be ideal, at least you can leave it there. When it comes to your desk at home, it’s more important it suits your décor and taste.

We offer a range of colour options for both the worktops and desk base to ensure that we can provide a product that doesn’t just function, but that you can take pride in.

It’s also worth noting that we sell individual desk frames that allow you to place any worktop that you can think of on top. Click here to browse.

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It looks like we are in this for the long haul, and many businesses are considering how they can implement a working from home scheme on a permanent basis regardless of the progress society makes in the fight against coronavirus. As such, it’s important that we have the equipment to work from home comfortably, healthily, and efficiently.

Browse our range today, and if you gave any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team through the chat feature on our website, by calling 0845 646 0150, or emailing info@ergodesks.co.uk!